October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


American Red Cross World War I and II Posters Plus

American Red Cross. The Army of the Disabled Keeps Growing. Poster, 21 x 27 in., ca 1921. 

The Red Cross sees a man through More than 26,000 men are still in hospitals as a result of the war. Poster, 28 x 20.75 in., ca 1919. 

Smith, Dan, 1865-1934, artist. Put fighting blood in your business Here's his record! Does he get a job! --Arthur Woods, Assistant to the Secretary of War Dan Smith. Thompson-Illinois Co. Poster, 20  25.5 in.

Wharton, James P. CMTC. Engineer Reproduction Plant, U.S. Army. Poster, 19 x 25 in.  



The Smith poster appears to be a modern copy or reprint. The rest are in good condition. 

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