November 01, 2016 10:00 AM EDT Cincinnati


British Blunderbuss By Griffin & Tow

.62 bore flaring to .90" diameter at muzzle, 21.125" octagonal-to-round three-stage iron barrel with baluster turned rings at the transitions. The top flat of the barrel is marked with two Birmingham proof marks, and I barrel makers mark and is marked Griffin & Tow London. The flat lock and flat gooseneck hammer are engraved in the border. The lock has a safety device, and is marked Griffin & Tow in two lines. The blunderbuss has brass furniture, with floral and scroll engravings. The trigger guard features an acorn finial. The iron tang also has floral and scroll engravings, the stock with a raised apron around the tang. A large German silver escutcheon is inset behind the tang. The right side of the barrel features an 11" folding bayonet that unlatches manually. The walnut stock has a high comb on the butt, with a wooden ramrod. Griffin & Tow were contractors to the East India Company. 



The barrel has a dull gray patina with speckled age discoloration and some very small pitting around the pan. The stock has some slight nicks and dings, with an age crack extending on the underside from the muzzle towards the brass ferrule. The left side of the stock also has a slight age crack. The underside of the butt also has an old repair. The bore and the action are in good condition, and the bayonet latches securely.

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