October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


CDVs of Sideshow Performers, Including Little People, Giant, and Snake Boy

Lot of 8, including:

Four CDVs of famous little people, including an uncredited copy CDV of Barnum performers Gen. Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton) and Lavinia Warren on their wedding day; a carte of Commodore Nutt and Minnie Warren on the same day; a hand-colored carte of  Lavinia Warren holding an infant; and an albumen carte from a drawing or painting of Thumb and Warren being attended to by an African-American servant; CDV of a boy of African descent who appears to be afflicted with vitiligo or some other skin disease, standing with a large snake wrapped around his neck; CDV of a giant man dressed in a military costume and holding a large sword, identified on verso as Col. B. Goshan / Age 31 / Wt. 560 / Ht. 7-11; two CDVs of large women, one identified on verso as Phebe J. Dunn / Age 19 / Weight 513 / Height 5 ft 9 in

The marriage of General Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren was the social event of the year in 1863. Although the ceremony was free to the public, Barnum charged 75 dollars per person who wanted to attend the reception. The long list of celebrities included Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. The sensation of their marriage inspired Barnum to fabricate the idea of a family to further sales. Barnum quietly released press photos of Thumb, Warren, and a baby that was not theirs, but an orphan children. Warren was cautious about having her own children due to her sister, Minnie's, death in child birth. She agreed with Barnum to pose with small orphaned children and claimed they were her own. When the fascination of the public wore off, Barnum and Warren said the baby died and continued touring across the country. 

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