October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Civil War ALS from Joseph McClellan, 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry, from Bermuda Hundred, VA, Mentioning Hatred for the War and Abolitionists

An honest letter from a disgruntled soldier to his friend. Joseph McClellan writes, 

Butler the beast has issued an order that all shall stay for three years from the day they were enlisted and sworn in. I will be three years in the field of active duty by the 27th of July 1864 but still I cant get out for near three months more on account of the blunders of other men...Butler is rightly named being called the beast. Grant should be called the butcher...they may keep calling on hundred thousand more as long as the war is conducted the way it is and till the loss will soon let them draw off butcher Grant and put Gen. McClellan in his place, the hope would once more revive again, would the war worn soldier behold a dawning of the end (Bermuda Hundred, July 21, 1864). 

McClellan's anger extended to abolitionists as well. He wrote, 

I look on those abolitionists a the worst enemy the country has got--speaking of country we have no country, its an obsolete idea (Bermuda Hundred, July 21, 1864). 

McClellan enlisted in the army on October 6, 1861 and mustered into the 5th PA Cavl. Co. M that same day. He experienced little action with his men. Disease and illness took more in the 5th than bullets. He was captured by the enemy on February 7, 1863 at Williamsburg Stage Road, VA, which might explain his pessimism. There is no muster out date for him, we assume it was some time in September 1863. 



Typical folds and toning with the paper, includes its original envelope.