October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Confederate Era Alabama Paper Money

Lot of 22, 5, 25 and 50 cent notes. All January 1st, 1863.

One 5 Cent note, No. 28068 C, about F-VF (some crispness, only 3 major folds, a few small wrinkles, little wear).

Twelve 25 Cent notes, denomination printed in red, all 2nd Series. No. 7831 D, about VG (crisp, but wrinkled, extensive foxing, no folds). No. 68025 E, about Fine, green eagle cancel (a bit light as printed (crisp, no folds). No. 67125 J and L, both about VF (no folds, crisp; L with some of the border of adjacent note top left; F with border trimmed top left and left). No. 77298 F and K, also about VF (no folds, crisp). No. 78201 C, E, J, L, M, N, all about VF or better (crisp, no folds; C with a bit of the above bill's border upper left, E a bit close at top, part of adjacent border on right, J cut right on top border, N with a bit of adjacent border top left).

Nine 50 cent notes, denomination printed in blue, no series noted. No. 31119 L, just Good (becoming limp, small nick at top, one horizontal fold); No. 81141 A, just Good (light print, no folds, small bit of UL crn missing). All of the following have some foxing ("shadow") around the blue ink and the serial number - likely an artifact of the paper used for these bills. No. 53402 M, about Fine (no folds, foxing as noted). No. 59551 J, about VG-F (printing a bit light, only a tiny bit of foxing around blue ink). No. 53403 I, J, K, L, N; first F-VF, others VF (no folds, J & N with some trimming of top margin).

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