October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Confederate Obsolete Currency, 50 c, $1, $5, $10, $20

Lot of 30.

Fifteen 50 cent notes, 6th Issue, Apr. 6, 1863. Nos. 55771 B, 55772 B, 25232 H, 25290 A, 65087 B, 145754 B, 145826 B, 104548 E {all VF or better - some near mint; all crisp, a few with light toning, last trimmed close on right}, 104494 G {about VF, crisp with a bit of toning, trimmed into "Richmond" upper left}, 38189 C, 50481 C {VG, soft, but mostly complete other than edge wear}, 60814 E, 136407 F,34206 C, 37573 E {G, soft, heavily worn, still mostly complete and readable}.

Three $1 notes: two 5th issue Dec. 2, 1862, (all Keatinge & Ball printers). No. 94566 C {VG, soft, mostly intact), 6109 A {G, worn, missing paper, esp. at top}; one 6th Issue, Apr. 6, 1863, No. 63267 D {VG, soft, mostly complete, trimmed off left at top}.

Five $5 notes, all 3rd Issue, Sept. 2, 1861, J.T. Paterson & Co. No. 21104 A11 {F-VG, some wrinkling, but still crisp, corner wear}, second number very worn, possibly 4707?, A13 {soft with small pieces of paper missing along bottom, toning}, 129460 A13, 128428 A10, 5707 A9 {G - VG, all three with clean + cancels, moderate to heavy wear}.

Two $10 notes, 7th Issue, Feb. 17, 1864. Nos. 14749 D and 15572 H  {F-VF, still crisp, both with borders that were closely cut, second a bit faded, red ink still bright on first}.

Five $20 notes, 7th Issue, Feb. 17, 1864. No. 21471 B, 30002 C, 65129 B, 41247 A, 17488 D {all VF, with crispness, only slight wear, few if any folds; slight discolorations, as is common with red ink; only major issue is top cut on last into "Confederate" in top "plaque"}. 



Gradings approximate; noted flaws listed.

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