October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Confederate Obsolete Currency, 50C, $1, $5, $10, $20

Lot of 30.

Fifteen 50 cent notes, 6th Issue, Apr. 6, 1863. Nos. 81704 D, 81709 D, 81732 D, 81782 D, 82105 F, 82920 D, 82957 D, 87264 F, 87265 F {VF or better, some near mint, crisp, no folds, only slight discoloration from pink paper, last 2 trimmed past border at top}, 101623 F {VG- F, soft, worn, relatively intact}, 37656 H, 31462 E, 117176 B (VG, soft, worn}, 59182 F, 54127 F {G, soft, worn, small amounts of missing paper}.

Four $1 notes, all 5th Issue, Dec. 2, 1862. No. 2432 C, 10475 B, two unreadable. {For the most part two are good, the others barely so; two affixed to paper backing; all heavily worn and barely readable.}

Five $5 notes, all 3rd Issue, Sept. 2, 1861, J.T. Paterson & Co. Nos. 81197 A16, 268536 A11,  {VG - F, multiple folds, a bit soft, but still complete}, 88648 A13 {G-VG, X cancel, tear that has been repaired nonprofessionally (with a cut label)}, 2417 A11 {G-VG, half-circle cancels at bottom, taking out signatures, closely cut on right, kid's pencil markings top and verso}, 22657(?) A11 {G, heavily worn, small amounts of missing paper around edges, faded}.

Two $10 notes, 7th Issue, Feb. 17, 1864. Nos. 12590 C and 15549 E {F-VF, some crispness remaining, first slightly worn, second still clear with red ink on recto; both with a side border closely cut - first on left, second on right}.

Four $20 notes, 7th Issue, Feb. 17, 1864. Nos. 42390 B, 56041 A, 2001 C, 66079 A {VF, all retain crispness, few folds, red ink still visible on first, others faded, some light toning; last with small tear lower left crn.}.



Gradings approximate; noted flaws listed.

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