October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes of Men, Women, and Children, Incl. Family Portraits, One by Vance, Group of Eleven

Lot of 11, comprised of 9 daguerreotypes (4 quarter plate, 4 sixth plate, 1 ninth plate), and 2 ambrotypes (2 quarter plates).

4 quarter plate daguerreotypes, including 2 portraits of distinguished gentlemen and a portrait of a mother with her two children, all housed in full pressed paper cases showing some wear; and a portrait of a middle-aged couple housed in full thermoplastic case with some wear along corners and edges, including some chipping.

4 sixth plate daguerreotypes, including image of a man identified as Rev. P. Van Wyck (inked on the velvet mat), full pressed paper case; portrait of aged woman holding book, full pressed paper case; 2 portraits of women, one a beautifully hand-tinted sixth plate daguerreotype of a woman in a blue calico dress with a pink ribbon and broach, the mat stamped A.J. Fox, Artist, housed in half pressed paper case, the other showing a young woman that appears to be holding a cane, housed in full pressed paper case.

Ninth plate daguerreotype of a mother posed with her young son, wearing a rather tall cap, housed in full pressed paper case with some significant wear along bottom edge of back cover.

2 quarter plate ambrotypes of families, the stronger of the two featuring a portrait of a charming family with two girls in identical dresses; the second featuring a family portrait, the plate with some significant wear to emulsion, housed in case with mat stamped by California photographer, R.H. Vance, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Marysville. Each housed in full pressed paper case. 



Images range in condition, most are good but some have some surface scratches. 

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