October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes of Parents and Children, Group of Eight, Incl. Possible Postmortem View

Lot of 8 daguerreotypes and ambrotypes of parents and children, including:

Sixth plate daguerreotype of mother posing with her young son and infant who peers over at his or her older sibling, housed in full case. Few spots on plate, clarity very good. 


Sixth plate daguerreotype of a young girl with an obstinate frown on her face, housed in half case. Some light scratches along perimeter of plate. 

Sixth plate daguerreotype of a wide-eyed mother holding her infant, possibly postmortem. Few dimples in plate, near top left and right edge. Uncased.

Sixth plate daguerreotype portrait of young girls, possibly sisters, housed in half case. Some wipes, few scratches on plate. 

Sixth plate daguerreotype of toddler girl, holding a large, fanciful hat in her hand, uncased. Few wipes on plate.

Sixth plate daguerreotype of young girl that has undergone heavy wear, housed in half case.

Sixth plate ambrotype of two affectionate aged parents or grandparents posed with young children, marked on the mat, Cutting's Pat. July 1854, housed in half case. 

Sixth plate ambrotype of a mother and child, housed in full case. Some flaking to emulsion. 

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