November 01, 2016 10:00 AM EDT Cincinnati


Engraved Texas Powder Horn Dated 1821

This horn depicts numerous engraved birds including Texas prairie chicken, grouse, owl, roosters and a peacock.  Three dogs are shown on the horn, two of which are engaged in a dog fight. Other figures depicted are a large open mouthed snake, a man with a cane holding a rabbit by its rear leg, a matador with a sword being attacked by a charging bull, a fish and a fox standing on its hind legs wearing an apron and wielding a rifle. Names on the horn include (in all capital letters) ABE LIRA, PABO ABE DE, ELTO RO, PABORREAL, LAZORRAIEL GALLO, ELLOBOIEL, PERRO, LAMATO and MARCELINO SANZMINGEZ 1821. In 1821 Mexico won its independence from Spain. 10.25" overall length.



The horn is missing the base and the top section and has been cut off during its period of use. Two of the holes in the horn have remnants of leather that appear to have been there a long time. There is also a cork plug that has been inserted in the smaller end of the horn. The horn has a nice untouched patina with a great dark yellow-to-brown color.  

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