November 01, 2016 10:00 AM EDT Cincinnati


Flintlock Blunderbuss for the Middle Eastern Market

Approximately .90 caliber bore widening to a 1.75" elliptical muzzle, 16.75" long octagonal-to-round iron barrel with baluster-turned rings at transition. Flat lock with flat swan necked cock, rounded brass pan and grooved frizzen is marked "JOAN.BOP.Y.SALA" forward of the hammer under a boar's head with panoply of arms motif. Top of breech deeply marked with a raised barrel maker's mark in a depressed cartouche and deeply struck proofs are visible on the top of the breech and the upper left flat. The blunderbuss is likely of Spanish origin destined for the Ottoman-Turkish market. The barrel is decorated with sliver wire inlays in a vine pattern and a similarly engraved and inlaid crowned double-headed bird graces the top of the muzzle. The barrel is retained in the stock by a single silver band decorated with a crescent moon and stars and a single screw through the breech tang. German silver escutcheons with profile bust decorations are inlaid in the stock on both sides of the fore end and butt. The trigger guard, butt plate,  side plate and rammer thimbles are of brass, engraved with decorative motifs. A sling sling swivel is mounted on the stock flat, opposite the lock, through the side plate. The stock is heavily decorated with relief carving on the butt featuring vines and birds. A crude, period trumpet-shaped iron ram rod is secured by the pair of ramrod pipes. 



About good overall. The barrel has a mostly smooth plum brown patina with scattered patches of light surface oxidation and pinpricking. Bore is dark with light pitting. Lock is mechanically functional but the hammer will not always positively engage at full cock and can be released by a trigger pull at half cock. Stock shows moderate wear and some damage, including two long cracks along the obverse fore end and a chip out near the muzzle on the same side. Otherwise the wood remains solid with crisply carved decorations.

Price Realized Including Buyer's Premium

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