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General Horatio G. Wright ANS Plus

Wright, Horatio G. (1820-1899). Union General in the Civil War. ANS, 3 x 7 in., war date pass written entirely in his hand. Headquarters, 3rd Brigade, Hilton Head, SC, November 16, 1861.

Plus: 2 journal pages with a handwritten note at the top by Lieut. Hubbell, Wright's aide-de-camp; 4 7.5 x 5 in. color lithographed cards showing Ft. Pulanski, published by D. Norstrand and produced by Thomas and Eno and J.A. Sherman Litho., New York; a second war date pass signed by C.W. Foster; a newspaper clipping concerning the Battle of Port Royal signed by Hubbell.

General Wright began his career in the military as an engineer and built many of the fortifications around the capital. He commanded the 1st Div. VI at Gettysburg and led the VI Corps at the Wilderness. He took command of the VI Corps after the death of General John Sedgwick in May 1864. He was wounded at Spotsylvania but continued to fight at Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and Appomattox. At Petersburg, he and his men were the first to break through its defenses. After the war, he involved himself in several major engineering projects including the Brooklyn Bridge and Washington Monument. 



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