October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Group of Four U.S. Military Prints, Including Examples by H.A. Ogden

Lot of 4, featuring 3 first generation prints featuring the artwork of Henry A. Ogden, each copyrighted 1885 by Brig. Genl. S.B. Holabird, Qr. Master Gen'l U.S.A., and lithographed by G.H. Buek & Co., N.Y., including the following titles:

1821 XV 1832 Regimental Officers * Engineer * Cadet [1816-1821]. With B.M. Whitlock, Publisher, 99 Fourth Ave. N.Y. also noted below print. 15 x 17.5 in. (including margins). Colors are rich, vibrant, with some wear along perimeter of print, especially at corners, edges, slight loss to top left, bottom left, and bottom right corners. 

1841 XIX 1851 Voltiger * Infantry * Dragoon * Artillery [Campaign Uniform]. 15 x 17 in. Colors rich and vibrant, with water stain along top right edge of print that extends partially into top right corner of scene. Toning along left and right edges. 

1851 XX 1858 Major General * Staff & Line Officers. 14.75 x 17 in. Colors rich and vibrant, light water stain along top left edge, that extends partially into top left corner of scene. Light corner wear, with slight loss at top left corner. 

Accompanied by hand-colored print, 8.5 x 12 in. (sight), matted and sealed by the government, 15 x 20 in. overall. With typeset text on the reverse, which reads:

The Army and Navy of the United States / Infantry and General Officers, 1813 - 1821/ Copyrighted 1892 by G.B.

The actual artist's name is likely beneath the mat. An attractive hand-colored print, colors rich. Wear to mat, with fold, partial separation at top right corner of mat, some slight loss at each corner.