October 06, 2016 12:00 PM EDT Cincinnati


Jerome Biederman Original Illustration Art of Locomotives, Lot of 8

Lot of 8.

No. 19 Illinois Central Railroad, the "Panama Limited" Chicago-New Orleans Diesel. 19 x 13.5 in. (sight) 29.5 x 23.5 in. with its mat.   

No. 9 Northern Pacific Railroad Steamer No.2041 Heavy Duty Mountain Freight. Measures 16 x 13 in. (sight) and 26 x 22.5 in. with its mat.        

No. 33 Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Electric High Speed Passenger, New York-Washington. Measures 15 x 15.75 (wight) and 23 x 24 in. with its mat.   

No. 12 New York-New Haven-Hartford Railroad Fairbanks-Morse Power High Speed Passenger. Measures 16 x 16 in. (sight) and 26 x 24.5 in. with its mat.     

No. 2 New York Central Railroad "20th Century Limited" Steamer. Measures 15 x 16 in. (sight) and 27 x 28 in. with its mat. condition: mat has some warping.   

No. 18 Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Yard Switcher. Measures 16 x 14 in. (sight) and 26.75 in. x 24 in. with its mat.   

Pennsylvania Railroad High Speed Passenger Steamer, "Manhattan Limited." 17 x 15 in. (sight) and 26 x 24 in. with its mat. 

No. 34 South Pacific Railroad Sierra Mountain Cab-Ahead Duty Mountain Freight. Measures 15 x 15.25 in. (sight) and 23 x 25.35 in. with its mat.   



All are in good condition and are glued to their mats, there are some separated from the mat. 

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