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South Carolina Legal Papers from Several Firms and Other Documents, Many Signed by CSA Officers and Governors, ca. 1856-1897

Lot of 44. Mostly legal papers of various sorts from deeds/mortgages, to receipts (some for money, some for receipt of legal papers), judgements, summons, and more. Signed by members of CSA (most SC state) units, including one CS Navy Surgeon, according to consignor.

ALS, 2pp, A.J. Knight, Co. D, 31st Miss. Regt, Lorings Division, Featherstones Brigade – letter to uncle, James Knight, mostly personal, Camp near Montevallo, Ala. May 21, 1864 (ink burns, toned, very fragile), mentions running into cousin Wesley Knight

ALS, Beaufort SC, Oct. 26 / 62 – Dear Wife. Mentions engagement 22 Oct Battle at Frampton, SC; mentions captain Charles Mickley (who apparently died in the action), as did Jonas Kappenberger and John Kuhns, Benjamin Diehl (new recruit, also died) – signed John (J/I?) Goebel (tape reinforcements at several folds) possibly Union – database says 47th PA, DOW 10/25/64 Charles Mickley and Benjamin Diehl are also listed in the 47th PA Infy

ALS, on “Soldier’s Farewell” patriotic stationery, Ceredo, VA (now WV), 8 Aril 1862, to sister, much about trying to arrange a leave – John T. Greer, Company G, 4th VA Foot Volunteers  (not much info. In database, and what is there conflicts – database shows M.I. as “C” and in VA Reserves).

Mortgage deed, Charleston SC, 9 Dec. 1896 – James Alexander Adams to Henry E. Young - Civil War data shows a Henry E. Young as CS JAG, enlisted as Major

Receipt signed H.E. Young, 3 Oct 1899, apparently the same Henry Young who was a Confederate JAG, possibly on Lee’s Staff. Consignor says he signed the surrender document, but I cannot locate.

Receipt signed M.L. Loeffmann and William R. Little, 14 Oct. 1890 (seems to be in H.E. Young's hand)

ADS, State of SC, 20 March, 1869, Signed V? E. Smith,  H.E. Young, Wm. R. Henderson

ALS, Orangeburg, SC 25 Feb. 1893. Information on a legal case. Signed by Saml. Dibble. Samuel Dibble enlisted at Orangeburg on 1/22/1861 as a private in 1st SC Infy.; was commissioned into Co. G, 25th SC Infy. Was captured at Long Island SC 7/15/63, paroled three months later, and captured again in Feb. 1865 at Town Creek, NC. Was promoted to 1st. Lieut. In 1862

ALsS, 1p, Law Office of Samuel Dibble, 6 Nov. 1883, Orangeburg SC

ALS, 1p, 21 Nov. 1883 [Samuel Dibble]

ALS, 1p, 14 June 1883 [Samuel Dibble]
“Warrant of Appraisement for Executors”  South Carolina, Charleston – Signed by A.G. Magrath, probate Judge – Andrew Gordon Magrath (1813-1893) last Confederate Governor of SC (1864-1865). Arrested by Union Army on May 25, 1865 and sent to Fort Pulaski. Released in Dec., resumed law practice. D. 9 April 1893 in Charleston.


ADS, 4pp, by Province McCormick Pogue, listed on p. 48, School of Law, Columbia College, 1889 (Annual Register of Officers and Students) “The Negro of the South of Today.”  N.d. (Pogue listed as native of Cincinnati – possibly part of the Pogue’s Department Store dynasty???)(likely too young for C.W. service)

TDS, 3pp, court case Nov. 26, 1895, W. Gibbs Whaley

Legal form, State of South Carolina, Charleston, signed W.W. Sale, CCR (and Asher D. Cohen? And ?? plaintiffs attny.) 10 March 1884.  William Wyle Sale (1819 - 1901) Mayor of Charleston, 1877-1879 [consignor claims he was CSA Captain, and SC Nat’l. Guard General].

ALS, Columbia, SC 17 June 1886, on letterhead of Allen J. Green (Attny)  - There was an Allen J. Green who enlisted 8/1/63 as Capt. In 4th SC State Line Infy.; another listing, shows enlistment on 11/1/61 as Lt. Col., F&S of 23rd SC Infy

Legal form, USA, Dist. Of SC, 28 July 1885. E. M. Seabrook, one listed as CS Gen & Staff, another listed on CS medical staff, but first is more likely the lawyer. An  E.M. Seabrook signed the SC Ordinance of Secession (column 4, 9th down; George W. Seabrook was 3 signatures above him – relative?)

ANS, 13 March 1882, on Rutledge & Young letterhead, Charleston, SC .  Signed B.H. Rutledge (1822-1884). Enlisted as Capt of SC Charleston Dragoon Cavalry 3/15/62; transferred to F & S 4th SC Cavalry 4/20/64, and was promoted to Colonel at same time. [Served in dragoons with Benjamin F. Huger – Cousin??]

State of SC legal form (partially printed doc), Charles Inglesby, (also secretarially sgd W.W. Sale) – does not show up in database, but Application for Headstone to the war department lists him as Capt., Co. I, 1st SC Arty. Date of Death, 26 March 1900 (b. Mar. 1838)

Legal form, Charleston, SC. 27 July 1886, Thos. M. Hanckel (Thomas Middleton Hanckel, 1822-1888) –  he also signed the Ordinance of Secession (representing St. Phillip’s and St. Michael’s parishes)

Land indenture, ADS, 1 May 1865, Charleston SC, Theodore Cordes one of the lawyers – 7/15/62 enlisted as Captain, Co. G, SC 3rd Cav.

Appears to be estate document, 1 Feb. 1866, signed Thos. Y. Simons, H. Hagermann?, and Eibe Struss. Thomas Y. Simons commissioned into Co. B, 1st. SC Bttn Infy. As Captain

ALS, 1p,  on letterhead of Augustine T. Smythe, Attorney, Charleston, SC, 7 June 1878; Augustine Thomas Smythe (1842-1914), many of his wartime papers are at the South Carolina Historical Society.

ADS, SC, poss. Ca. 3 Apr. 1885, E.J. Dennis, defendant’s attny., according to consignor - 6th SC Infy ?

ADS, Charleston, SC, Treasury Dept. 6 Jany. 1885. Signed "Wm. L. Campbell, City Treas." - Capt. 11th SC Infy, Co. C (7/1/61)



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